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Working with my hair right now is proving tricky as I continue to recover from wrist surgery. I have found ways to adapt (I even have help from my sons!), so that I can still use the hair products and tools that are fast becoming an obsession for me. The tool that has made it so much easier for me lately is the HANA Mini Flat Iron.
A few weeks ago, It’s a Glam Thing offered to send me a HANA flat iron to review. Knowing that I would be featuring hair tools, products, and accessories this month, I excitedly accepted the sample. I waited impatiently for the iron to arrive, and once it did, I tore right into the package. Immediately, several thoughts ran through my mind.
  1. Seriously? Is this it? (It’s a compact 5” in length straight out of the box.) hana-mini-flat-iron-blue
  2. It is far too small to work well.
  3. It is too cute to work well.
  4. It will take me forever to flat iron my hair with a tool this small.
  5. It is adorable. :)
  6. Will it hold the style all-day?
  7. I love that it comes in a tin and a great little silver pouch to protect it when I travel.
I knew the only way to find out whether or not the HANA Mini works as well as some of the other leading brands I have been testing was to plug it in a give it a try. After reading the instruction pamphlet, I realized the the tourmaline ceramic plates extended to make the iron a standard 8” in length. What a great feature!
I finger-combed some heat protectant in my hair and plugged the iron into the outlet. The HANA Mini was ready to use in about 20 seconds.
Now, if you read my earlier features, you might remember that my hair is long, wavy, and dull. Without the use of styling products and tools, my hair is a mess. I was a bit skeptical that the HANA Mini would work magic in my hair. I decided that if he HANA Mini could transform my hair into shiny, healthy-looking hair, then I would make this iron a staple in my daily hair care regimen.
Using some great hair clips (These will be reviewed in another feature post.), I sectioned off my hair and began working with one inch pieces. I quickly found that ironing my hair with the HANA Mini would become an arduous task. I continued working the iron through my hair, sometimes making several passes on a length of hair before it achieved a polished, straight look.
As I mentioned earlier in this post, the size of the HANA Mini is terrific for me due to the fact the since I only had surgery a month ago, I am still limited as far as use of my hand. The compact size of the HANA Mini allows me to almost work one handed. Additionally, the iron is very light in weight, another feature which made is easier to style my hair.
Some of the features of the HANA Mini that make it such a great styling tool are:

  • Advanced Tourmaline Ceramic Plates for Accelerated Ion Generation and Maximum Frizz-Free, Conditioning Shine
  • Compact at 5" Long for Storage
  • Expands to 8" Long for Styling
  • 5/8" Plates are Ideal for Short Hair, Details and Touch-Ups On the Go for Any Hair Length
  • Fixed Temperature at 410° F
  • Flash Heats in Seconds with Instant Compensation
  • Tangle-Free Salon Quality Cord Swivels 360°; Convenient Hanging Loop
  • Energy Efficient; On/Off Switch
  • Includes Stylish Silver Storage Pouch with Fold-Out Heat Proof Mat & Special Edition Tin Case
  • Two Year Warranty

  • misikko_2071_38713813
    In case you like to use your flat iron for more than just straightening your hair, I have to tell you, this is where the HANA Mini excelled for me. When I curl my hair with the HANA Mini, I ended up with soft, bouncy curls. I have also used the iron to slightly flip my ends under. The Mini does a beautiful job doing that as well. Another plus about this iron is that due to the curved design of the plates, my hair does not snag when using the iron. That’s a terrific feature if you have brittle hair. My favorite feature of this iron, other than the iron itself, is the silver pouch. The pouch cushions and protects the Mini from damage and provides a heat resistant surface for the iron while it's heating up and while I wait for it to cool off after use.
    I was slightly disappointed that it took so long (about 45 minutes) to straighten my hair with the HANA Mini. I attribute that to the fact that my hair is very long and thick. I do believe that this iron will be wonderful for touch-ups and because of the small size, travel. I think that if you have short-medium length hair, it will most likely take you much less time to straighten your hair as it did mine.
    The HANA Mini is available for purchase for $74.00 (on sale) at Missiko. The HANA Mini Flat Iron is available in blue or pink.
    Thank you HANA Salon and It's A Glam Thing for giving me the opportunity to review this great product.
    Disclaimer: The only compensation received for any review post, is a sample of product. Compensation never has a bearing on the outcome of a review. The opinions expressed herein are those of blog author only. Blog author never gets paid to post.

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