Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feature Review: FHI Heat Hot Sauce and T-Rex Clips

**First order of business- I apologize that there was no feature review on Monday. As I mentioned that day in my post, I needed a small reprieve due to illness and other things. Well, the "other things" happened to be recovery from surgery= or make that surgeries.

As you may or may not know, I have had two- yes two- surgeries in the past 6 weeks. The first was to repair torn cartilage in my right wrist, and the second was a surgical removal of a lymph node and its surrounding tissue under my chin. Neither surgery was easy for me. This last one really threw me for a loop as my body is still healing from the first surgery and anesthesia, and I guess it wasn't quite ready to be put through the ringer again.

At any rate, I have moments where I just need to crash. Monday and Tuesday were those days. So, again, I am sorry there was a delay, but it was a necessary one. Hope you understand.

Now, on to the review(s).

In addition to the awesome hair dryer and flat iron that FHI Heat sent me to review, they also sent two other great products- Hot Sauce and T-Rex Hair Clips. If I had to choose one word to describe these products, it would be FANASTIC!

The most innovative way we use heat to keep hair healthy, glossy, supple and shiny: FHI HEAT HOT SAUCE. It’s our exclusive jojoba formula, which penetrates deeply into the hair follicle when used with thermal styling tools, deep-conditioning and repairing past damage.
Heat- activated jojoba crystals penetrate the follicle, leaving the hair shiny, soft and silky.
No surface residue because it’s not silicone-based
Use on damp hair and finish with any FHI Heat styling tool to protect against heat damage.

Product Benefits:

  • Moisture based thermal protection, 2 oz.
  • Heat-activated Jojoba crystals repair, moisturize, and condition
  • Penetrates into the core of the hair strands to restore hair
  • Smoothes and reconstructs hair, improves condition and hair texture
  • Moisturizes dry, damaged hair
  • Protects hair from excessive temperature of styling irons
I love this stuff! At a price of $14 for 2 ounces, Hot Sauce is liquid gold for the hair! I find the price to be worth it considering how wonderful it leaves my hair when I use it. Hot Sauce is applied to towel-dried hair prior to blow-drying and flat-ironing my hair, and my experience is that after each use, my hair feels softer and more luxurious than ever before! There is no oily residue at all- just soft, healthy, sleek hair. Before I used Hot Sauce, my hair was dry and dull-looking. Not anymore! I will absolutely be purchasing more once my bottle runs dry.

FHI Heat T-Rex Hair Clips:

Divide and conquer: section hair quickly and hold section in place securely with these smooth, no-snag clips. Ideal for coloring, shaping and heat-styling services. T-Rex Clips allow the stylist to work with greater precision and greater speed, for more accurate results.
  • Patented spring design hold any amount of hair securely and releases quickly
  • Suitable for all hair lengths and types
  • Simplifies sectioning when styling and coloring
  • 2 Clips per pack
Okay, after my very first use of the T-Rex Hair Clips, I couldn't help wondering why I never heard of these before. After using them for one week, I couldn't believe I was ever able to manage blow drying or styling my hair without them! Seriously!
My hair is thick, and I have a lot of it too! I have to be honest that when I first looked at the clips, I seriously doubted they would work in my hair. I was so wrong! The T-Rex Hair Clips managed to hold onto all of it without a single problem. The other great thing about these clips is that when it's time to remove them, there is no pulling or snagging of my hair. They are gently on my hair, which is important because my hair, though thick, can be brittle as well. FHI Heat sells the 2-pack of clips for $7.50. They are available in red, black, pink, and white. I highly recommend these clips for anyone wanting to be able to style hair more easily.
Thank you, FHI Heat for allowing me to try these amazing products!
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Courtney said...

I think you just sold me on the FHI Heat Sauce, my hair is definitely lacking it! :) Hope you're feeling better!! -csrandom

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