Friday, February 27, 2009

Hazel Mail Review

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. I am known as the family shutterbug, as I am never at a family function without my camera. Aside from the enjoyment I get when actually taking the pictures, I also love finding new ways to share the photographs with my family and friends.

Thanks to Mom Fuse, I have been introduced to a great way for me share photos. Hazel Mail turns your photographs into personalized postcards and then prints and mails them for you. Hazel Mail asked me to create two postcards. I was thrilled to accept.

I found the Hazel Mail website easy to navigate. I was able to upload my photographs (must be .jpg or .png and under 2MB), quickly, and once I did, I had fun playing around with different background color options. (There are also a couple of frames for you to choose from as well.) Next, I typed out a message to include on the postcard. There are eight font options and ample space provided for the message. I typed the recipient's address in, and was then able to check out.

Throughout the process of creating my postcards, I was impressed with how simple it was to create my personalized postcard. Once the postcard arrived in the mail, I was even happier with the product. The image quality was sharp, and the weight of the paper was heavy. Considering it only costs $1.50 total to create and mail personalized postcards, I know I will be a repeat customer of Hazel Mail.

Looking for a unique way to share your photos? Try Hazel Mail!

Thanks Mom Fuse for this review opportunity.

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