Wednesday, January 21, 2009

REVIEW: SKINN Runway Ready Collagen Boost Firming Eyeshadows

Skinn is a cosmetics company founded by Dimitri James, a man who worked for twenty years with the largest cosmetic houses in the world. Displeased with the fact that the companies were not producing quality products, he struck out on his own in 2002 and founded Skinn.

Dimitri's goal is to provide quality products, rather than quality packaging, at an affordable price to his consumers . His frustration with the other companies' cheap products with expensive price tags was the inspiration for his goal.

According to the website:
Skinn offers its products only through televised home shopping, the internet and exclusive, privately owned spas throughout North America. This has allowed us to reach the maximum amount of people, while keeping overhead very low. We don't have expensive retail shops or New York office suites; you won't see costly magazine or prime time TV ads. What we do have are some of the finest cosmetics ever made. You'll see the difference!

Mom Fuse and Skinn asked me to review Skinn's Runway Ready Collagen Boost Firming Eyeshadows.

Thirty-two brilliant shades of remarkable eye colors available in four compacts to the time of day, your mood and skin tone. These Italian baked shadows will bring out the gleam and glamour in any set of eyes. Whether on the runway or running to the market, these hot-off-the-press lustrous colors will keep you looking your brightest, most confident and sexy best.

I was sent the Warm Formal shade to test. I love the rich colors in this palette. I appreciate that the color doesn't fade from my eyelids even after wearing it for more than eight hours.

Aside from being pleased with the excellent quality of the Runway Ready Collagen Boost Firming Eyeshadows, the fact the Skinn does not test their products on animals is another reason for me to want to try more of their products.

If you are looking to spend your money on a quality product that will make your eyes look absolutely stunning, than head on over to Skinn and purchase one or more of the gorgeous shades of Runway Ready Collagen Boost Firming Eyeshadows.

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