Wednesday, January 21, 2009

REVIEW: Simply Sarah Handy Hold All (Discount Code for Readers)

As I admitted in an earlier post, I am a handbag fanatic. My belief is that a girl can never own too many. I mean, seriously. I need different bags depending upon the occasion. You won't see me carrying my coveted Coach handbag to work (that's what all my totes are for!), and my Vera Bradley bags are fantastic for casual weekend outings, and...okay, well, you get the picture.

I have no problem whatsoever acquiring bags. The issue for me is storage of said handbags. I used to keep them in my closet- until I ran out of room. Then, I purchased plastic storage bins and stashed them in those under my bed. I ran out of room there too. Finally, I had them on the floor next to my bed; what a mess!

Storage for my handbag addiction is no longer a problem thanks to the Simply Sarah Handy Hold All which Mom Fuse recently asked me to review.

The Simply Sarah Handy Hold All is at long last a stylish solution to the problem of efficiently storing handbags, baseball caps, and scarves. The patented Handy Hold All is 100% cotton, measures 39"x4" and has 7 hanging loops with silver snaps and a grommet for easy mounting in a closet or on a door. Each loop can hold 2-4 items.

I love that the Handy Hold All is oh so pretty and stylish. My husband feels more practically about it; he's just relieved that he doesn't have to step over handbags anymore to get into bed!

If you or someone you love has an out-of-control storage situation going on with their handbag, baseball cap or scarf addiction, then the Simply Sarah Handy Hold All is a must have product!

Purchase a Handy Hold All for only $30 by visiting the Simply Sarah online store. While there, be sure to take a look at the other beautiful products offered for sale.

Simply Sarah has generously offered living life one day at a time and Mom Fuse readers a fabulous 50% discount to be used on all purchases! Enter the code: momfuse at checkout. Happy shopping!

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