Sunday, December 28, 2008

REVIEW- Top Chef: The Game and a SWEET Discount Code

I do believe that in an earlier post I confessed to you that I am a less-than-skilled cook. Do you remember that? Well, if you don't or you are new to my blog, you now know that my skills in the kitchen are fairly bad. That doesn't mean I don't want to cook. I sometimes find some amazing recipes that I attempt, and sometimes my family likes them. Needless to say, there are very few things I make which don't require the use of a recipe; in fact, there are only two things I make unassisted- meatloaf and stuffed pork chops. Even so, I do sometimes dream about becoming more of a kitchen goddess (okay, I'll skip the goddess part and will settle for pretty-darn-good-cook. ).

I'm thinking that maybe- just maybe- this dream of mine can be attained with the help of this new game I was asked to review for Mom Fuse and Brighter Minds Media. The game that will one day make me into the amazing chef I know I have in me (somewhere) is Top Chef: The Game.

When Mom Fuse asked me to review Top Chef: The Game (for PC), I was so excited! My family honestly believed that I was kidding myself thinking that I could play the game. Little did they know I intended for all of them to play as well. :)

When Top Chef: The Game arrived, I wasted no time slipping the CD into my computer. With the kids breathing down my neck, I (very easily) installed the game and set up my profile. The only problem I had was that in my impatience to prove to my family that I could indeed succeed in the kitchen (even in just a virtual sense), I neglected to read the instructions. Therefore, I became frustrated when I couldn't get the game to move quickly enough. (Note: to avoid my mistake, take the time to go through the tutorial. It really speeds things up for you later.) Once I started over again, I sailed through the first two challenges. Unfortunately, I didn't fare as well in the elimination challenge and had to pack up my knives.

The boys, eager to try the game, took over the computer, and as embarassing as it is to admit this- did better that I did! Rematches ensued. (For the record, they are still better at this game than I am; however, I am hooked and will continue playing until I am Top Chef!)

Information from the Brighter Minds Media Website:
Whether you're a gourmet know-it-all or a culinary novice, you're invited into the Top Chef kitchen - and the competition is just heating up.

Take on the role of a contestant in Top Chef the Game, compete against a line-up of tough and talented chefs, and have your dishes judged by the Host Padma Lakshmi and Head Judge Tom Colicchio.

Bottom Line:
Graphics- Good. Hand-drawn, but visually appealing.

Sound- Good. Some background music, kitchen sounds and the voices of hosts Padma Lakshmi and Head Judge Tom Colicchio add to the appeal of the game.

Game Play- Easy to learn. Simple challenges at the beginning which then becoming more challenging as you progress through the game.

Fun Factor- Excellent. My entire family enjoyed playing this game.

Rating- E for Everyone

I highly recommend Top Chef: The Game for anyone looking to have some (addicting) fun on the computer!

Thanks Mom Fuse and Brighter Minds Media for allowing me to review Top Chef: The Game.

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