Monday, December 22, 2008

Photo share

This was a busy day today! I'll be back tomorrow with more product reviews, giveaways, and giveaway winners. In the meanwhile, I thought I'd share some photos with all of you. :)

Our pup, Harley was neutered today. Oh, he is one very unhappy puppy! He would not quit licking his boo-boo, so the vet said he had to wear the very unfashionable lampshade. Take a look:

On another note, I finally let the kids sign my cast yesterday. They wanted the entire family to sign, so everyone had a turn with the red sharpie at Abigail's birthday party. (Little Miss is one year old now!) Anyway, here are the cast photos:

Finally, as I mentioned, our sweet Abigail just turned one year old. Here are a few pics of the sweet baby girl:

Abigail with my parents:

Come back tomorrow! Goodnight. :)

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