Wednesday, February 6, 2008

no fun to be stuck at home

Ian has the flu. He's been sick since Saturday. He hasn't been in school yet this week. Poor guy is miserable. He keeps telling me that he just wants to feel better so he can leave the house. I can relate.

So, while Ian naps, I have taken advantage of the quiet time to do some more digital scrapbooking. I found two more digital scrapbook shoppes that I am in love with- Little Dreamer Designs and Gina Miller Designs. JC is wishing I didn't find all these amazing places because all I want to do is shop. LOL

Here is my most recent layout:

Green Glitter Flourish from With Love Kit- Michelle Coleman, Little Dreamer Designs
Papers, Quote, Green Stitches, Black Swirls (recolored), and Buttons from Chirpy Days Collab. Kit- Jomi van Bekkum and Jackie Eckles, Little Dreamer Designs
Frayed Fabric Template- Leora Sanford, Little Dreamer Designs
Chickee from Sweet Chic Element Kit- Michelle Coleman, Little Dreamer Designs
Green Flowers from the Sunroom Flowers Element Kit- Jackie Eckles, Little Dreamer Designs
Blue Border Stitches from Stitch Essentials 12” Borders- Gina Miller Designs
Blue Sparkle Border from Sparkle Edges 1- Gina Miller Designs
xoxo Word Strip from Tiff and Kate’s Wordy Bits Love- Kate Hadfield and Tiff Brady, The-Lilypad
Jewelry Tag from Blueline Botanicals Kit- Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals
Border Template from Border Templates No. 2- Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals
Pin-Up Vintage Frames- Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals

Hope you are all healthy. :) Enjoy your day.

Till next time,


Unknown said...

OK, then I won't tell you about or ;)

I hope Ian feels better soon!

Great page!

Diane Rooney said...

Ahh that's lovely. Beautifully put together. ;)

Anonymous said...

love your layout! gorgeous!
hope your little feels better soon

Leigh said...

Hope Ian feels better soon! I love your lo! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I hope he's feeling better quickly! That's so hard!

Beautiful layout! And I have to agree the sweet shoppe rocks! I might be partial cuz I adore Micheline. LOL

Robin L said...

I hope your Ian feels better really soon. What a wonderful lo!

Barb said...

Beautiful work Colleen! Sorry to hear that Ian is sick. I hope he's better soon.

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