Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's beginning to feel like Christmas.

I love this time of year! There is snow on the ground. The neighborhood is decorated with colorful twinkling lights and beautiful evergreen wreaths. There are even some sleighs, santas, and reindeer in a few of the yards. The boys saw a snowman that someone built the other day too and commented on how they couldn't wait to get out and build their own. Snowball battles have begun outside, and inside, the house is looking festive. I love sitting in the living room with the only light the blinking white lights from the tree. It's beautiful.

Friday night our family went to the middle school to see Jacob's elementary chorus perform their first ever holiday concert. Wow! Seriously. It was amazing! The kids did a fantastic job entertaining a standing-room only auditorium filled with relatives, friends, administrators, and community members. Most touching was when the current music teacher, Mike Zeiler, announced that the performance was being dedicated to Miss Renee Parkinson, the kids' former music teacher who died in a car accident this past summer.

After Renee died, I was afraid that the music program in Jake and Ian's school would sort of fizzle out, as the kids adored Renee and were heartbroken to lose her. I feared that no one would be able to fill her shoes. Then I heard who the district hired to replace her. Mike Zeiler is a former student of mine, and let me tell you, he is perfect for those children! His enthusiastic personality is contagious, and the kids want so much to please him.

One afternoon after school Jake came home and told me that he auditioned for a solo in the holiday concert. I was shocked! Jake is painfully shy at times, and I never in a million years would have thought he'd get up in front of his peers and sing by himself! When I asked him about it, he replied, "I wanted to do it, Mom. I don't know why. Maybe it's because Mr. Zeiler just makes me believe in myself." Jake didn't get the solo, but just the fact that he was brave enough to try something like that made me so proud of him. I thank Mike Zeiler for inspiring my son. He is an amazing teacher, and Heights Elementary is so very foutunate to have him!

Anyway, enough rambling. I want to share some photos from yesterday. I tried to take some at the concert on Friday night, but they didn't turn out. These were taken on Saturday at our local mall, Pittsburgh Mills. The kids performed for the Toys for Tots fund drive.

Jake and friends:
Jake and Mr. Zeiler:
Ian and Mr. Zeiler:

My sister Missy and niece Emma came to the mall to hear the kids sing. Jake and Ian were excited to spend time with Emma when the concert was over. Here is a conversation from yesterday afternoon:

Emma: You know who my favorite Santa Claus is, Jake?
Jake: Who, Emmie?
Emma: Mrs. Claus is my favorite Santa.
Jake: Oh really?

Jake to me: Isn't she just so cute, Mom?
Me: Oh yes.

Jake to Ian: We need to adopt Emma.
Ian to Jake: Oh yah. Definitely. Ask mom.

Ian to me: Mom? Can we adopt Emma?
Me: No, honey.
Jake to me: Why not?
Me: It just doesn't work that way. She's Aunt Missy's little girl.

Jake to Missy: Aunt Missy, can we buy Emma from you?

Oh boy!

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Pam said...

Nice to see you blogging again Colleen! Your photos are awesome! And I just love that hall idea for a holiday! I wonder if we have anything like that around here!

Your boys are just too cute!

Happy Holidays!