Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's been a long time, eh?

I cannot believe that the last time I posted we were just getting ready to start the school year! It's December now. December!! Oh my!

There are only 23 days until Christmas. Even if I didn't just know that, all I would need to do is ask my sons. They are constantly giving me the current countdown in days, hours, and minutes until Christmas. (Jacob found some kind of online Christmas countdown on

This is what I am hoping Santa is bringing me for Christmas- or sometime soon afterward. :) Isn't she a sweetie? She is a mix between a maltese and a miniature poodle- otherwise known as a maltepoo. ADORABLE! I am wanting a puppy that is hypo-allergenic due to Ian's asthma, and after much research, a maltepoo is what I have decided upon. I'm thinking after Christmas would be a perfect time to get her since I will be on a sabbatical and will have more time to devote to training her. Keep your fingers crossed for me as I need to convince JC that we *need* a puppy. At one time, he wanted a dog, and I knew we weren't ready. I hesitated and delayed. Now, when I see the look on my sons' faces every time they have to leave Grammy's house and say good-bye to the dogs- especially Linds, it breaks my heart! Anyway, now that I am ready for the commitment, JC is hesitating. Oy!

In other news, my sister is expecing my new baby niece, Isabella, in just 15 days! I am beyond excited! Here is a picture of Missy on Thanksgiving. Doesn't she look absolutely beautiful? I'm not so sure Emma has bought into the whole idea of a baby sister yet. She seems excited when you ask here about the baby, but when I asked her where Bella was going to sleep, she said, "At your house, Aunt Ween." hmmm...

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we had a wonderful time. My parents decided that eight grandchildren ranging in age from 2-10 would just have too much energy to burn and not enough room to do so at my parents' house, so they rented a hall. I wasn't so sure I'd like the new location for the dinner, but it ended up being perfect! There was a little sitting area with couches, a television/dvd player, and recliners; a HUGE fully equipped kitchen- so big that we did all of our cooking there; a large dining area with oodles of long tables (some of which we used to make crafts with the kids), a pool table, and a piano. Mom decided that we'd have Christmas dinner there too.

Here are some more of my favorite photos from the day:
Jake and Emma
Logan and Alyssa

I promised to watch a Christmas movie with the boys this afternoon. Time to get the hot cocoa and popcorn ready! Have a wonderful day, everyone!


Kathy R said...

Colleen, you really DO NEED A PUPPY! We got a Puggle. He's not good for my asthma but I just make sure I take my meds every day and we're good. Enjoy your new puppy (I'm confident you'll convince your dh you need one)!

Anonymous said...

that puppy is cute cute cute. i want one too. so I did not know you can rent a hall. that is pretty cool. your sister is so cute!!!!

great that you blogged. love T

Lyneen said...

It is so great hear from you... thanks for stopping in Bliss!!!! PUPPIES are the BEST!!!Hope you get your wish!

Anonymous said...

Puppy is TOO cute, Colleen! And your family is gorgeous as ever... I just love that long hair! It just reminds me of a time long ago, when boys with shoulder length locks fished at the creek in their overalls. Love that. Great to hear from you... THANKS for stopping by. Come again!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is me, btw! lol

Tammy M :)

Valerie said...

It is so great hear from you... thanks for stopping in Bliss!!!! PUPPIES are the BEST!!!Hope you get your wish!