Monday, August 27, 2007

this is it

Today is officially my last day of summer vacation. At this time tomorrow morning, I will be sitting at a student desk with the other secondary teachers who are being trained on our district's new computer grading system. Hopefully my boys will be at the pool with my cousin Judy, sister Missy and niece Emma. (Jake and Ian don't start school until next Tuesday.) I can't believe my vacation has come to an end. :(

Rewind to just three months ago. It was near the end of May and I was packing up my things to take home from school with me for the summer. I remember thinking about all of the things I wanted to do this summer. I hoped to travel with JC and the boys- little trips, camping even. I hoped to spend more time at the pool. I wanted to write more (something I took a break from for some time). I even thought about organizing the garage (not a fun task, but needed nonetheless). I remember thinking that we had so much time to be together.

Well, I have to say that I managed to accomplish most of my goals for the summer. We never did get the garage cleaned out, but hey, there's always next summer for that! :)

So, yesterday, as I was telling the boys what a terrific time I had with them this summer, Jake said, "I know! Let's spend some time taking pictures today!" (Jake loves to have his picture taken.) I agreed, and the boys decided to do a photo shoot with some of their new school clothes. Sounded like fun to me!

Right off, I have to tell you that this decision was not made at the time of day when the lighting would be great for photos. It would have been cool if we could've packed things up in the jeep and driven to a place that would be a great setting for the pictures, but as luck would have it, the boys vetoed that idea, claiming that they had to change outfits too much to be doing it outdoors. Point taken.

You know the saying about things being too good to be true (or something like that)? Ian never likes to have his picture taken, so when he readily agreed, I should have had a hunch that something would go wrong. A few minutes into our impromptu photo session, my camera battery died. Ugh! Our photo session was brought to an early end, and I promised the guys we'd do it again another day. Maybe even today. Who knows?

Anyway, here are some of the photos I managed to get before the battery died.

Enjoy! I hope you have a great day.


Pam said...

So awesome that you got to do most of the things you wanted to do this summer! I should have been a teacher! I'd love summer off! ;)

Your boys are the cutest! And stylin! And I know I've said it a million and one times but I LOVE THEIR HAIR!!!

Jana said...

What? Huh?? Your boys actually ASK to have their pics taken? I think I'd drop dead from shock if mine ever did that!! You're one lucky mama! Hope your school year is going well so far.

Rachael Giallongo said...

Oh my gosh, your boys are growing up so fast!!!!!!