Thursday, July 12, 2007

I did it!

I made my first blog banner. See it up there? That doesn't look at that hard, eh? Well, it took me HOURS to do, but I wanted to try to create one myself for a change. That digital stuff seemed so cool, so I read some tutorials and went to work. Layers confused me, and I kept getting mixed up, but it's done now. :) I'd love to learn more. Maybe someday I'll even figure out how to make a hybrid scrapbook layout. Maybe.

Speaking of acrapbook pages, I have to tell you that getting back into the swing of things after a long hiatus feels so good! I love this page of Jake that I completed a couple of weeks ago (click on the pic if you want to see it bigger). These pictures were fun to work with. Jake loves the layout. I wonder what he'll think of the pictures five years from now! LOL

Speaking of scrapbooking, not too long ago, Kim Moreno asked me to be the guest designer for the month of July at Picture It Pageframes. I had so much fun working with the frames. This one of JC is my favorite project that I created with the frames. I used an 8x8 frame for this layout. JC tells me this project is a favorite of his. :)

I have been really enjoying my summer so far. I can't believe how quickly it is going! Last week, JC and I took the boys to Seven Springs with our friends, the Kaisers. We had such a terrific time together! Alicia's family owns a condo. there, so we were able to stay together. Ian said he loved being "roommates" with the Kaisers. :) While there, we spent lots of time at the pool, going fishing, and generally just hanging out. So relaxing! I really want to go back again before the summer is over.

This is one of my favorite pictures of JC from the trip: What a goofy guy. The kids couldn't believe he kissed the fish!

Here are some more of my favorite pictures from the trip. See the one of Ian and
Jules with the fish? Well, on 7-7-07, the two 7 year olds caught the biggest fish. We decided to keep the two fish and have them for lunch. :) Jake caught 7 fish that day too. Pretty cool.

I'm off to get some chores done. Blech! Have a terrific day!


Kristi Smith said...

Good job!!! I still don't have one!!!=( Donna is coming up to visit me, hopefully she will be able to help me out. Kendra is coming a few days before her!!! I am so excited.

Great layout and photos!!! Love the one of Hubby and the fish! Has
anyone ever told you those boys have great hair???=)

Jennifer said...

WOW!! Gorgeous banner, layouts and photos!! :):):)

Trish said...

Oh love the banner!

Great Lo's and pictures too!

Jana said...

Your banner looks awesome!!! Your summer pics are just wonderful, you do such a great job!

Rebecca Bollman said...

Great pics Colleen and the banner is fab. Love that blue. It's so good to see all those smiles in your world.

PS How did JC's song do?

Anonymous said...

Yay on the banner Colleen! Layers get easier the more you work with them. Don't give up!

Love the photos. My favorite is the one of the boys with their arms around each other's shoulders.


Amy Coose said...

Love the banner!!! Your LO is fabulous. Can't wait to see how Jake likes it when he's older!!;)

Congrats on the Pageframe guest DT. You did an awesome job!! Love the pics, especially the one of the boys with their arms around each other...too cute!!

Anonymous said...

adorable photos....looks like so much summer fun. Proud of you for the banner. Your AWESOME! T

Pam said...

Hey, great banner! Love it!

Very cute photos! I love the ones of your boys with their gear and rods! Adorable!

Oh and I've been doing some hybrid altered projects lately for a Creative Team I am on! Fun! Just be prepare for ink costs to go up! LOL!