Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New York City

Wow! What an INCREDIBLE trip!! My sisters, mom, and I went to NYC last weekend to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. The trip was a generous present from my sweet dad. Before this, we have never been on a vacation before- just the four of us. Now, I wonder what the heck we waitied for!

Our flight in was uneventful- thank goodness! We were only delayed a little due to bad rain storms in New York. Our plane was a bitty one. I have to admit, knowing how small it was did make me a little nervous. We were able to get our luggage quickly, and then we hailed a taxi. Here's where the story gets interesting.

Our cab driver was awful. He was rude. He was disgusting, and he was scary. My sisters and I get in the backseat, and my mom sat in the front. Our first indication that we might have a problem was when we heard the driver slamming the trunk over and over again on our luggage. My mom had to get out, reorganize the luggage, and shut the trunk for him. Then, as were were driving from LaGuardia to Times Square, he kept staring at my mom and was SNORTING at her!!! Seriously! It was like he was blowing his nose AT her- without a kleenex. YUCK!

Then, he started yellin at her. He told her she was rude. Meanwhile, she's sitting ramrod straight, afraid to move because he was so OUT THERE! Before we knew it, he was REALLY yelling at her and told her, "YOU! In the back!" Well, that wasn't going to work! So, she started yelling back at him. Oh boy. Not a good move. He slammed on his brakes TWICE- on purpose, almost wrecking the cab. We were terrified and ticked off!!!

Once we got to the hotel, things were MUCH better. Here's where we stayed: The Muse Hotel This hotel was BEAUTIFUL- so very artsy. The rooms were spotless and huge in comparision to most NYC hotel rooms. The staff was exceptional as well. They even had a bottle of wine, a chocolate cake, a bottle of water, a dark chocolate candy bar, and a birthday card from the hotel staff waiting for my mom in our room. I highly recommend this hotel if you travel to NYC. :)

We decided to just crash Friday night since it was late, and we figured we'd want to be up early to start shopping Saturday. That didn't go as planned though because my sister Missy was hungry for *SOME* reason, and we had to go out to eat. We decided to start shopping early and spent way too long in a Foot Locker. We ended up staying up much too late, giggling and talking like were were teenage girls at a slumber party.

Saturday was spent SHOPPING- and lots of it, might I add. My sisters had to buy extra luggage to get all their packages home! I was AMAZED by all the stores. There was A LOT of walking involved. I ached in places I never knew existed on my body!

One of the highlights of Saturday afternoon for me was getting to meet my son Ian's skateboard idol, Tony Hawk! I found out he was at Toys R Us, and I knew I HAD to get his autograph! The bummer was that only 150 wrist bands were given out, and by the time we found out, they were all gone. Some really cool guy, sensing my desperation, bit his off his wrist and gave it to me, so I was able to get the autographed picture and have my photo taken with him. :)

We literally shopped, ate, drank, and danced our way through midtown NYC until 2 AM.

On Sunday, we went sight-seeing. The place I really wanted to see was Ground Zero, so that was our first stop. I cannot put into words how moved I was by that experience. I knew I still struggled with the events of 9/11, and that became all too clear to me as I looked at the place where the Towers fell, read the memorials, and looked at the photos of the people who lost their lives that horrible day.

We needed some serious retail therapy after Gound Zero, so it was off to Tiffany's next, where we each got matching necklaces. :) Then, more shopping.

Sunday night we went to see Mamma Mia! Wow! Wow! Wow!! That show was spectacular!! We laughed and danced and had so much fun. :) After the show we had a late dinner at the Stardust- a restaurant where all the wait staff sing and dance while you eat- so much fun! That was another LATE night for us.

We got up way too early on Monday to get ready to go to The View. (I think going to The View was the highlight of the trip for my mom. :)) Once we got to the studio, we had about an hour and a half wait until we could actually go in and sit down. We ended up with fantastic seats! I loved seeing Rosie, and we also got to meet Mamma McNabb- mother of the Eagle's football great Donovan McNabb.

Sadly, we had to catch a flight home Monday night, but we did manage one more photo before we left. :)

I cannot wait to go back with my mom and sisters again! We NEEDED this trip, and it was truly one of the best I've ever taken.


Rachael said...

How awesome, Colleen!! What a great trip!! So glad you were able to spend time with your mom and sister!! Love the pics!

Kristi said...

Wow that was awesome!!! How do you always get to meet the celebrities? I think we need to hang out=). The cab driver would have made me crap my pants but the rest sounded pretty enjoyable. Although, Ground Zero would have made me break down into tears.

Love your shirts!!! Glad you had such a good time!!!

Anonymous said...

This looks like so fun. I cannot believe your cab driver. SCARY!!!!

How cool to see Tony Hawk and go see the jealous!!!!

So glad you are home safe and sound and that you had such a wonderful time.


Jana said...

I loved reading about your trip, it sounded so awesome!! I've never been there before but it's on my list of must-see cities. I'm glad you girls had so much fun!!!

Pam said...

How fun! I'm so glad you had a good time! It sounded awesome! My boys will be so jealous when I show them the Tony Hawk Photo!

Kendra said...

LOL! Could you find a more perfect t-shirt? Glad you had a good time Colleen! Persoanlly, I would have skipped Rosie for another cab ride with the snorting man. : )