Monday, February 26, 2007

doin' a happy dance :)

I just posted this at Scrapper's Bliss, but had to share here too. :)

JC and the boys gave me an early birthday gift today.

The boys and JC called me into Jake's room. JC had something behind his back which he handed to Jake to give me. I could see it was an envelope. Jake said, "We got you a card, Mom." Ian added, "It's a LOVE card!" When I opened the envelope, I saw "Happy Birthday," and I am thinking they've lost it. My birthday isn't until March 21.

JC said, "We know. We know. A little early, but we all thought you needed something to be happy about for a couple of weeks."

Inside that card were tickets to a SOLD OUT DAUGHTRY concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO excited! I am BEYOND excited!!!! I LOVE Daughtry!

Just wanted to share.


Leslie Ashe said...

I am so excited for you!! You so deserve this fun time!! Your boys are FABULOUS for doing this! :) You've got some great dudes at your house :) Might I add I'm a bit jealous? Tell Chris hi for me, k? Man...lucky! xoxo! Leslie

p.s. LOVE your new banner!

Jana said...

I'm SO thrilled for you, you already know that, but I thought I'd post it again!! Give Chris a big hug for me. ;-)