Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Photo share

I was cleaning off my camera card earlier this evening, and I saw two photos that really caught my eye. I thought I'd share them here.

This first one is Jake. Some of you may remember when he fell and had to have stitches above his eye. The scar is still a bit red, but Jake said he doesn't mind it too much. This photo of him was taken on Christmas Eve. He isn't smiling because he was sick and really didn't want his picture taken.

This next photo is of Ian and my niece Alyssa. What a trip these two are together! From the time Alyssa was born and people would see Ian and Alyssa together,they would ask if they were brother and sister. I do see the resemblance. They giggle about it. :) I need to get them together more often because they love playing together. That probably won't last much longer.

Well, the guys will be here any minute from basketball, and I promised Ian I would play Star Wars with him, so I had better sign off. Thanks for reading. :) Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

GREAT pics Colleen! Your blog is lookin GOOD! :o)


Anonymous said...

Lovin your blog Colleen!! Your boys are so cute with their hair!! and I have to say Jake's eyes are amazing in that photo!! Ian and his cousin look like they could be twins!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Colleen!

I love the pictures of Jake, Ian & Alyssa (are they the same age?). Your boys are beautiful as always. I cannot believe how grown up they are getting. I also love the fact that you are blogging so I can keep up with you. I have one I use through myspace but haven't had much time to blog due to now being a mom of 4!

I also love your scrapbooking slide. Oh how I wish I had more time to scrapbook. My goal every year is to scrapbook more.

I miss talking to you! Love ya doll and glad you are feeling better!

Unknown said...

Even sick Jake is too cute!

Love that photo of Ian and Alyssa, they really do look alike and are just so adorable!

Hope Star Wars was fun! ;)