Tuesday, January 2, 2007
My first post in my new blog home...cool. I have been meaning to do this for quite some time, and with the start of the new year, I figured it was time. I am still trying to work my way through all the things I can customize here, so you'll be seeing small changes here and there.

A HUGE thanks to Wendy for my banner. I love it! Wendy is AMAZING!! You have to check out her uber-cool new venture: Sweet Me Designs . (I need to figure out how to get a link in here.) I LOVE the felt bags. The first bunch SOLD OUT before I could buy one, but I noticed that she has a sign-up for email notification on her blog, so make sure you do that too! :)

Anyway. I want to tell you about the meaning behind my blog title "at the end of the day." My favorite time of day is evening, once the boys are asleep, because I know that they are home safe. I am thankful to have two amazing sons, and with time going by so quickly (They'll be 10 and 7 in June!), I cherish knowing that at least for now, I know where they are at night and that they are okay. The end of the day is a time to reflect on the blessings in my life. :)

Okay, I better sign off before I get too long-winded. Have a wonderful evening. :)


Jana said...

I get to leave you your very first comment??!!!! I'm SO honored!! I'm happy you're starting a new blog. I checked out your Junkitz one now & then but this way it'll be much easier!! Have fun with this and happy new year to you!!!!

Kristin said...

So glad to see you blogging again and your banner is fabulous.

Davinie said...

Yay Colleen! The banner looks great! I look forward to seeing how things are going at the end of your day! :)

Wendy Reed said...

It looks great girl! :o) And thanks a MILLION for the little YO YO for me.

Leslie said...

HEY cutie!! LOVE your blog!! I LOVE your banner and the meaning behind it. Fabulous, just fabulous :) Happy New Year to YOU!

Chasity said...

soo exciting starting a new blog!!!! can't wait to make this a daily stop!!! :) :) :) you'll be happy you joined the world of bloggers! :)

Karen Carter said...

Hey, Love your new blog. Pretty banner too! I've got you bookmarked!! Hope you are feelin' good today!

Lyneen said...

AWESOME... love the banner and title... WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR!

Will link yours on mine so I can get here easily!

StaceyKingman said...

I am so happy to see your new blog!

Pam said...

What a great new blog! Love the banner it's too cute! Wendy did a great job! Love that you have music too! Looking foward to stalkinig this one as much as I did the other! ;)

Jen said...

I am SOOO going to hit Wendy up for a new banner. LOVE yours.

Vicky Stone said...

Great blog, Colleen, I so admire your scrapbook pages and your creativity. Your boys are absolutely gorgeous. Can you believe the 'Junebugs' will all be 10 this year?! Where does the time go?

Judy said...

Judy said...
This is great wish I would have know about it before. See yu all soon.

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