Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Get Stone Creations

Recently, my little cousin was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. To say our family is scared is a complete understatement. We are terrified. 

Holly is a young mom. She's a GOOD person. Truly.

Cancer sucks.

It doesn't discriminate. It ruins lives and devastates families.

I contacted Stephanie from Get Stone Creations, a beautiful shop on Etsy that offers unique handmade jewelry. What caught my eye was the Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets she makes. I wanted to get one for Hollie, and Stephanie generously sent me two bracelets- one for Hollie and one for me.  I did not keep the second bracelet. I gave it to my aunt, Hollie's mom.

When the bracelets arrived, the first thing I noticed was their beauty. The braided pink PU leather Bracelets with crystal encrusted magnetic clasps were perfectly crafted and sparkled brilliantly. I loved them, and wanted to keep one for myself but knew my aunt needed it much more than I did,

Hollie wears her bracelet everyday. When I gave it to her, she was touched by the incredible support she received from a stranger.

Stephanie donates 50% of the profits from every bracelet to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Please consider supporting this important cause. You don't need to know someone whose life was affected by cancer to wear this beautiful bracelet. Purchase a bracelet from Get Stone Creations and wear in in honor of ALL women. Support a foundation that is striving to assist women with this cruel disease. Please.