Thursday, September 5, 2019

divorced dating

The topic of dating again since the divorce is one I really could use some guidance. Is there a how-to manual anywhere?

I thought I was ready to take the big next step, so I joined and dove in. I wrote a lengthy profile and added a handful of my most acceptable recent photos (You know, the ones which disguise as many of my flaws as possible). This is no task for the impatient. It took days selecting pictures, only to delete them when I detected a second chin or horrid bags under my eyes. I finally decided to quit messing with the photos before I had none left on my profile. Then, I waited. I was not prepared for the kind of messages I received. Some were downright sleazy.

I met one man with whom I started a discussion which eventually led to an exchange of phone numbers. I was really beginning to feel a connection. He was thoughtful, sweet, and interesting. I started to think about the inevitable meet-up, and I froze. I wasn't ready. After 27 years of marriage, I wasn't sure how to start all over again. How was I going to trust again? What if he took one look at me and regretted connecting? What if we didn't have anything to talk about? What is he turned out to be some serial killer who was wanted in three states?

So, that ended that.

But you know what? I want to date. I truly do. I want to have someone to share the popcorn with at the movies, someone to laugh with, someone who accepts me for who I am. I just don't know if that man is even out there.

So, any tips? This divorcee could really use some advice.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Divorce Sucks

So, I guess it has been a few minutes since my last post. I have a reason. A crappy one, but still, a reason.


Yup. You read correctly. After 27 years of apparently, one-sided wedded-bliss, my marriage is over. I should have seen it coming. He began pulling away many months before I actually sensed danger. He slept downstairs on the couch because at first, his back hurt too much to sleep in our bed, and then, his anxiety was far too bad for him to be able to sleep confined to our room. Yes, those should have been signs. Pretty obvious ones, right?

Well, not to me. It took an anonymous message from someone who wanted to let me know that my husband was having an affair with a woman the messenger didn't want to see ruin her new marriage. I guess she was hell-bent on ruining it, because soon after the anonymous messages and his swearing it was all untrue, he mentioned separation. I believe it was the next day he decided he wanted a divorce.

Things moved in fast motion after that. He wanted the marriage over as soon as inhumanly possible. We listed the house, and he refused to move out until the house sold. Once it did, he packed up all his crap, and some items that were ours at one time before the divorce agreement stated we had to choose which one of us got the couch in the living room and which snagged the one on the family room. (I ended up with the family room furniture.) Then, he moved in with the woman he was not having an affair with.

So, I have spent some time going through all the stages of grief these past months. (To be honest, I have been stuck in the pissed of stage the most.)

Well, it's time to put him in my rear-view mirror and start my new life.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


My dad had a complicated surgery the other day.  His diaphragm was somehow misaligned. As a result, part of his stomach was trapped up inside the diaphragm.  He was uncomfortable for a long time before getting it checked out. (He's a bit stubborn.) After tests were run, he found out he had a large number of ulcers as well,  Giving that he has had difficulty with bleeding ulcers in the past, this complicated matters.  He needed surgery, but with the ulcers, it was going to be a risky surgery,

I was a worried mess the entire day of his surgery until I heard from my mom.  Surgery went well, but the nurses and doctor could not control his pain.  That really upset me.  I did not want my dad to suffer.  He is such a strong man.  Knowing that he was in uncontrollable pain just didn't seem fair.

He was supposed to possible come home today, but he can't be discharged.  Hi stomach is the size of a basketball! After more testing, it was discovered that he had a great deal of gas and fluid trapped inside.  Both needed to be drained.  So, he had a tube placed up is nose and down to his stomach.  Then another complication was discovered.  His bowels are paralyzed.  What a mess! Now we are just waiting to see how he can be helped.  He won't be able to leave the hospital before Monday.

If you pray, please say a prayer for my dad.  Thanks!

Monday, January 1, 2018

life update

Here we are.  The first day of 2018.  I am SO ready for this new beginning!  Are you?

Our family had far too many horrible moments on 2017. Let's just summarize it by saying that I would never want to relive that year again.

Currently, Jacob is a junior at Penn State University.  He's majoring in Bio-Behavioral Science (I honestly have no clue what that means!) He's working in a lab a few days a week and studies like mad during most of his free time.  His grades were amazing this past semester, and we are hoping that things continue to improve for him.  He needs some positivity in his life.

Ian is a senior in high school.  He's not a real fan of school, so we are all anxious for this school year to end so he can graduate.

JC is still teaching and making music.  His band has a gig about twice a month.  I haven't gotten out to see them as much as I should.  That's one thing I made a promise to myself- support my husband more by attending more of his shows.

I'm also still teaching and working my real estate business.  I am also doing some graphic design work and sell beautiful Plunder jewelry. 

I did manage to end 2017 with a bang.  On December 22, I slipped on ease leaving work and ended up with a concussion and badly sprained ankle.  Ugh.  This has not been fun so far.  I'm hoping to be able to got out of my boot the nest time I see the orthopedic doctor.  Fingers crossed!

I have some big plans for 2018:
Sell and list more homes
Build my branding business with new clients
Attend a cruise to celebrate Ian's graduation, Jake's 21st birthday and my parents' 50th wedding anniversary
Continue to grow my Plunder business
Declutter my house- one room at a time
Spend more time with my parents and siblings

Do you have any goals for 2018? If so, I'd love to hear them.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

graphic design

I have always loved being creative. I started my first paper scrapbook 20 years ago, right after the birth of my fist son. I became addicted quickly, and before long, I had my own room in the basement of our house that was filled with gorgeous papers, embellishments, stamps, stickers, scissors, and so much more! I loved that little space.Unfortunately, after being attached at  work, I lost the strength and dexterity required for scrapbooking when my right wrist was crushed and tendons were torn. I thought my days of creating were gone.  Then, I was introduced to digital scrapbooking.

Digital scrapbooking required learning how to be creative in a whole new way. It was frustrating at times, but I eventually got the hang of it, and once again, I became addicted.

Life got crazy, and I stopped creating once again.  About a year ago, I started to really miss it. It was at about the same time I joined Plunder Design as a stylist.  I realized that I could utilize my graphic and creative skills to benefit myself and others in our direct sales businesses.  That's when Colleen's Branding was born.

I started only creating logos, but I soon added facebook cover photos, business card designs and label designs.  Once again, I am addicted,

I love creating something beautiful and unique to help boost another's business.  I can say with certainty, this is not something I ever plan to give up!

If you or someone you know could use some branding for their business, feel free to contact me!

Samples of my work:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Get Stone Creations

Recently, my little cousin was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. To say our family is scared is a complete understatement. We are terrified. 

Holly is a young mom. She's a GOOD person. Truly.

Cancer sucks.

It doesn't discriminate. It ruins lives and devastates families.

I contacted Stephanie from Get Stone Creations, a beautiful shop on Etsy that offers unique handmade jewelry. What caught my eye was the Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets she makes. I wanted to get one for Hollie, and Stephanie generously sent me two bracelets- one for Hollie and one for me.  I did not keep the second bracelet. I gave it to my aunt, Hollie's mom.

When the bracelets arrived, the first thing I noticed was their beauty. The braided pink PU leather Bracelets with crystal encrusted magnetic clasps were perfectly crafted and sparkled brilliantly. I loved them, and wanted to keep one for myself but knew my aunt needed it much more than I did,

Hollie wears her bracelet everyday. When I gave it to her, she was touched by the incredible support she received from a stranger.

Stephanie donates 50% of the profits from every bracelet to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Please consider supporting this important cause. You don't need to know someone whose life was affected by cancer to wear this beautiful bracelet. Purchase a bracelet from Get Stone Creations and wear in in honor of ALL women. Support a foundation that is striving to assist women with this cruel disease. Please.